Combining technology and human service for homecare to people weakened by age or disability

The needs

Unfortunately, the current system seems already out of breath and we must deal with the ageing of the population. These days, people older than 65 years represent 9% of the population worldwide. In 2050, this percentage will increase to 16%. In addition 90% of frail people want ageing at home.

Falls are the leading cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries among persons aged over 65 years, leading to 600 000 deaths per year worldwide. It represents approximately the total of Copenhagen (capital of Denmark). In addition, vulnerable people are also suffering from loneliness. More than 12 millions of people, namely the population of Sao Paulo or Belgium, are in a state of “social death”. That means they have less than one contact per week with another person from their close social circles (family, friends, neighbours or association).

In the same time, family carers pay a heavy tribute. Indeed they are often exhausted since 47% of them have feelings of depression and 54% do not take time to book or attend their own medical appointments. In addition between 20 and 30 % of family caregivers feel their careers have been negatively affected by their role as a caregiver and that has put pressure on their financial situation. Some reports estimates that there are about 100 million caregivers in Europe today (20% of the population), while they would be 66 million in the US.

Finally, professional caregivers are questing for meaning because their activity is burdensome. Their daily schedules are full of disjointed shifts including journeys between their interventions. The more often, they are not enough recognized and paid They also suffer from a kind of loneliness because they have very few discussions with their colleagues, and they cannot share about difficult situations they are facing.

Our solution

Vulnerable people can now be happy to stay home, their family retrieve peaceful mind and rest, and caregivers find meaning in their daily activity. For that purpose, Unaide provides a unique global ecosystem that combines human help and technology.



Our own caregivers service organized in small autonomous local teams, which can devote their time to social relationship with beneficiaries. We provide personalised services from housekeeping to personal care and companionship.



When beneficiaries are alone at home, the relay is taken by CLARA, our technology caregiver that makes their home more secure by detecting falls and risk situations. It also prevents the loss of autonomy and acts as a temporal landmark for beneficiaries.



A digital coordination platform that automates all administrative procedures and supports the organization of autonomous caregiver teams. It also facilitated communication between stakeholders of the care path (beneficiary, family, caregivers, Unaide, practitioners).

Human caregivers X

Our autonomous local teams are qualified and experimented. You are sure to see only the 2 caregivers you chose at the beginning. They are devoted to respect the schedule agree and ensure continuity of service. Unaide takes care of all administrative burden.

Housekeeping: preparation of meals at home, maintenance of the house, housework, linen care.

Personal care: help with the toilet, get up and put to bed, help with mobility, dressing, monitoring diets.

Companionship: walking, shopping, pet care, reading and discussing, cooking workshop, board games.

Coordination: care path, administrative management, conciergerie, small maintenance.

Intervention 24/7

Technology caregivers X

CLARA embeds artificial intelligence, voice recognition, voice synthesizer, and movement analysis capabilities. It allows life behaviour analysis and instinctive interaction. CLARA’s system is composed by a hub with central analysis system and several satellites with sensors.

More acceptable: nothing to wear or learn, passive sensors are non-intrusive and non-stigmatizing.

More effective: detects falls, discomfort and life anomalies.

Critical alerts: handled by our 24/7 assistance hotline.

Preventive alerts: can be configured and sent to family or caregivers.

Secured privacy: all the data are processed locally at home.

Unaide Connect X

Cross-platform application creating a link between all stakeholders (home caregivers, families, health professionals, Unaide).

Community: caregiver teams are part of a team. They can share good practice and organize their replacements.

Quality of service and follow-up: through communication between caregivers and families.

Support administrative tasks: time can be dedicated to human attention and social link.

About us


Mathieu Michiels created Unaide as a company in October 2017 together with Jérémy Tosolini, after his personal experience as a family caregiver.

I was personally very affected by the loss of autonomy of 3 members of my family (falls, Alzheimer's and related illness). Indeed, in addition to the pain of seeing a loved one deteriorate and then settle in the dependence, there were some disagreement regarding their home care, including the multiplicity of caregivers. Another problem was threatening their stay at home: their safety. Because it was necessary to take over caregivers who were present only 4 hours on 24 hours a day. It was therefore as a family caregiver that I decided to create my solution to answer this question: How to bring together strong social links, safety and affordable homecare service? After 2 years and a half of work, the answer I propose Unaide! (Mathieu Michiels, CEO and Founder)


At Unaide, we are committed to making people happy at home ! The team is composed of 10 complementary talents sharing the same values: ambition, boldness, esteem, responsibility; like its 3 leaders.
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